Prototype Helsinki

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Prototype Helsinki is a consolidated effort by various Helsinki based urban projects and event organizers to share knowledge and resources with the aim of effecting more permanent forms of change in the city.
Prototype Helsinki’s strength is the accumulated know-how of creating temporary cultural expressions that manifestly engage the public. It’s mission is to envision and prototype new types of infrastructure, municipal services and cultural experiences before anything permanent is built.

The group will try to encourage the City of Helsinki to first validate their assumptions and test out their ideas on a smaller scale before committing to any given course of action or outlay of resources and as an intermediary between the public and the city government.

The idea is to funnel money and resources to new and innovative forms of culture without the interference of city bureaucracy or private sector business imperatives. Prototype Helsinki, which is neither a business nor a branch of government, has no financial or political incentive to favor lesser ideas. It can concentrate purely on the social, aesthetic and functional dimensions of any solution and convincingly articulate what, how and why should something be built.

Prototype Helsinki is also a forum where various branches of city government can regularly meet a deep cross section of all the dynamic projects and groups that currently animate the city. It is a way to generate trust, mutual good will and have a practical platform where the right people meet face to face and information travels to the right corners of government. The aim is also to streamline the permit process and consolidate the fees the city collects.

The group was founded as a coalition of numerous pre-existing urban projects that all have a mission in common: Improve the city. It aims to be a creative forum for citizens and groups to propose and try out ideas, options and improvements to any problem or area of civic life. Projects retain their separate identity and working structures even if they choose to act within Prototype Helsinki.



coordinator: Petra Jyrkäs
mobile: +358-50-5168223
skype: pekajy